by Marco Casali & CloudYachts



Propulsion System

The main propulsion system will be composed of two diesel engines coupled to shaft lines with FP propellers through reduction gearboxes.

Generating Plant

N.2 diesel generating sets – fixed speed to be installed with the following power:

2 x Kohler 70 EFOZDJ 70 kWe @ 0.8 pf – 440V 50Hz 3ph


The Yacht will be built in accordance with the RINA Rules for Pleasure Yachts in force at the date of the Agreement.

C ✠ HULL ● MACH Ych Unrestricted Navigation

Bow Thruster

One tunnel bow thruster shall be installed at bow, having an output power of min. 55 kW, but anyway enough for 30 kn transversal design wind.

Stablizers System

One set of fixed electric stabilizer fins (CMC, Naiad or equivalent) designed to provide active roll reduction both in underway and ‘at anchor’ condition (zero speed) will be installed.

Swimming Platform

One (1) electro-hydraulic swimming platform, maker Sanguineti or equivalent, arranged on fixed swimming platform at transom as per GAP. Platform dimensions as per GAP.

Water Makers

One reverse osmosis water maker model Idromar MC2 Duplex of 6.24 t/day each at 25°C sea water temperature.

Total NFTs





Unique Owners

Featured NFT Collection

Marco Casali

Marco Casali NFT

🌍 Marco Casali holds the title for the first minted NFT of an actual superyacht project.
🛳️ This groundbreaking NFT represents a real-world yacht, pioneering digital ownership for tangible luxury.
🤝 In partnership with Cloud Yachts (
🌌 Offering diverse metaverse exploration options, blurring boundaries between digital and real.
🎥 Influenced by futuristic movies and metaverse landscapes.
🧩 Each unique Freedom NFT is enriched with hidden codes and a special easter egg.
⛵ Over 1,300 real-life cruising yachts under Marco Casali’s Too-Design team’s belt.
🏅 Multiple award-winning design firm, standing as a global beacon in yacht design.

Marco Casali

Cloud Yachts, in collaboration with the visionary Italian-Danish yacht designer Marco Casali, is thrilled to make waves in the Web3 world with our pioneering entry into the realm of SuperYacht NFT new build projects.

The Freedom 43, our inaugural foray into this digital frontier, is a symbol of our steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the luxury yachting experience. A testament to our trailblazing spirit, Casali echoes.

Cloud Yachts is excited to announce our innovative venture into the Web3 sphere with the Freedom 43, our first SuperYacht NFT new build project, designed in partnership with the esteemed Italian-Danish yacht designer, Marco Casali. This initiative marks a transformative moment in luxury yachting, blending Casali’s visionary design with our pioneering spirit. The Freedom 43 isn’t just a yacht; it’s our commitment to infusing luxury with groundbreaking technology and exclusive ownership experiences, ushering in a new era of maritime excellence. Join us in navigating this revolutionary journey with Cloud Yachts!

Rome, Itlay

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